Finbarr Morrin

Translator and Language Trainer


College of Commerce, Dublin, Irland
1981 Diploma in Business Studies

Career and Experience

Having completed his college studies, Finbarr Morrin initially trained and worked as a tax consultant and accountant. In 1985, he moved to Berlin to pursue interests in the media industry.

Since 1987, Finbarr has worked as an English language trainer. Due to his accountancy and taxation background, he specialises in business English (having worked for five years at Berltz Berlin and for eight years at Vattenfall Europe AG, by way of example). However he has also taught English in other areas, such as at the Wissenschaftskolleg (Institute for Advanced Study) Berlin.

Parallel to this, Finbarr has worked as a German-English translator of numerous industrial, commercial, media and art texts. Including contracted translations, he has worked for clients such as BASF, Siemens, Vattenfall Europe, Vattenfall AB, Sweden, Bavaria Studios, DEFA and ZDF, among others. His translation clients also include official bodies such as the German Government Representative for Culture and the Media (BKM), in addition to countless smaller companies, organisations and other authorities.

Finbarr is responsible for the operative running of the business at HolderMorrin UG, as well as the translation services. He is also a lead trainer on business English workshops and other courses. Thanks to his hands-on executive experience and the confidence he has gained in dealing with managers, Finbarr has a clear understanding of executive level issues and how this know-how translates into rewarding learning for such staff.