Our workshops create a "live English" atmosphere at the pace of a busy meeting, conference or event, together with immediate feedback, tips and language tone adjustments. The HolderMorrin English language workshops are an excellent tool for those bushing up and consolidating English in a specific area. We tailor the workshop to your requirements and conduct them on your company premises or at a dedicated conference hotel.

Please contact us and we would be happy to design, plan and conduct the appropriate workshop for you.

Workshops – the best of both worlds

Workshop Formats

  • 3-hour/1- to 5-day workshop tailored specifically to your needs, conducted in a lively atmosphere
  • 2 trainers for up to 10 participants (single trainer model also available)
  • Continuous verbal/written feedback and language tips, as well as post-workshop written feedback
  • Workshops concentrate on the spoken word, but also include listening, reading and writing activities

Workshop Content
The content of the workshops is designed by us – but the source material comes from you. Taking your material, we analyse it in depth, then generate tailored role plays, discussion topics and simulations.

Post-workshop Service
After each workshop we transcribe all tips, corrections and new vocabulary and email these to all participants.

Why Two Trainers?
During the workshop, the lead trainer concentrates on leading the discussions and role plays, while the second trainer provides immediate feedback and grammar/vocabulary explanations. The two-trainer model keeps the workshop moving at a lively pace, and provides two different types of accents and opinions for the participants.

Workshop Areas (a selection)

  • General and upper management English
  • Department specific: Accounting, HR, communications, marketing, law, etc.
  • Energy industry
  • Administrators and secretaries
  • Telephoning, emails and correspondence
  • Examination preparation
  • English for finance
  • English for media
  • English for the tourism and hotel industry