The HolderMorrin translating team remains true to the source text, yet with a clear focus on the final recipient. Thus we ensure that the writer’s intentions, no matter how subtle, are correctly reflected in the final translation.

Together with our proof-reading quality controls, all our translations and other texts are carefully honed to fulfil their final objective.

Business, Commercial and Industrial (selected areas)

We provide translations and texts in the following business, commercial and industrial areas:

  • Annual reports (up to 160 pages) and financial statements
  • Taxation correspondence, both domestic (German) and international
  • Legal and contractual documents
  • Large-scale business translations: EU competition reports and sector enquiries
  • Process reports combining commercial and technical texts
  • Energy industry texts
  • Marketing and communications

Media, Literary and Creative (selected areas)

We specialise in media assignments and have gained broad experience in these areas:

  • Screenplays
  • Treatments and TV series
  • Festival and art catalogues, specialist media books and reports
  • Voice-over texts for image videos, product presentations, trailers and documentaries
  • Subtitles for over 50 films and documentaries
  • Media reports and presentations for EU bodies
  • Copy editing and proof-reading of media texts, books and screenplays
  • Film theory

Scientific, Academic and Technical (selected areas)

Our technical and scientific translations cover such areas as:

  • Academic texts for universities and academic bodies, as well as professors and lecturers
  • Specialist texts from the fields of psychology and medicine
  • Medical company websites
  • Engineering and similar technical reports
  • Technical product descriptions with commercial marketing aspects
  • Telecomunications