Prior to beginning a new course programme, we visit you to discuss your requirements and tailor the course to your aims. This includes a needs analysis and placement tests. The courses are taught on a weekly basis over 6 to 12 months and the groups are no larger than 8 participants, with training that covers all levels.

The placement levels are in accordance with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

  • A1 - Beginner
  • A2¹ - Pre-intermediate (lower)
  • A2² - Pre-intermediate (upper)
  • B1¹ - Intermediate (lower)
  • B1² - Intermediate (upper)
  • B2¹ - Advanced (lower)
  • B2² - Advanced (upper)
  • C1 - Proficient

Specialised English Language Courses

Business English
We offer general and tailored business English courses. Our courses here include the following areas: Finance, purchasing, the energy industry, IT, law, etc. We would be happy to come and discuss your requirements with you personally, whether for your project area, department or individual field.

Office Communication (from A1 to B2)
These courses are for team assistants and secretaries, and deal with typical communication areas: Telephoning, emails and correspondence, writing skills for presentations and meetings. We also offer an office communication workshop (link to Workshops).

Examination Preparation (LCCI/First Cert./telc/TOEFL/IELTS/BEC)
As an experienced team in the above certificates, we provide guidance, tutorials, examination practice and support for the candidates.