At HolderMorrin, quality is an integral part of every text, translation and language training assignment.

Courses and Individual Training

Feedback from the participants (anonymous) and a course report by the trainer are conducted twice annually during each course. This is then analysed internally with the trainers in order to tailor and improve the specific course.


Immediate written feedback from the participants collected at the end of each workshop. The feedback is analysed internally with the trainers and content providers to tailor and improve future workshops. In addition, workshop participants receive a post-workshop review sheet which includes corrections and tips for future reference.

Translations and Texts

After the lead translator completes a text, translations are proof-read by a second translator trained in the specific area. This is followed by further re-reads and final proof-reading by the lead translator. Only then does the client receive the final text. In this way, HolderMorrin ensures that a translation is viewed in its complete context – and thus achieves the intended result.