Here are this week's vocabulary trouble spots. This mini blog is for our students and, of course, for all those who are visiting...





Polish or polish – both words look the same BUT the pronunciation is the key!

 - Polish (adjective) /ˈpəʊlɪʃ/ describes anything that comes from Poland.

- to polish (verb) /ˈpɒlɪʃ /  -  to make something smooth or shiny by rubbing it. This is also a noun, for example: the polish on this table is beautiful.


Wear and tear (noun) /weə(r)/ and /teə(r)

From our maintenance course. This describes the general damage to an object due to using it.

For example: the table is in good condition but with some wear and tear.


Cat litter (noun) /ˈlɪtə(r)/  When you have a cat living in your flat, you probably need a cat tray. Cat litter is the absorbent substance you need for the cat tray.