It has long been proved that total immersion is the nearest method to the natural way of language acquisition. In this regard, language is not taught as such, but the trainers impart the topics in their native language. Language is acquired intuitively; vocabulary and grammar follow on in a natural manner. This method is, however, very time consuming and for professionals it is not always possible to learn a language in this way.

A week-long intensive English course

However, for the past few years HolderMorrin has been conducting its Summer Academy which closely resembles the immersion method. A week-long intensive English course where only English is spoken is more than simply lists of words and grammar exercises. The trainers are primarily concerned with activating passive knowledge and acquiring new insights through discussions and simulations, and even through the evening activities, whether they be games of Scrabble or Quiz Nights. Here, HolderMorrin offer language training lock, stock and barrel.