Understanding the subtexts of any nation’s language is not easy. The British are no exception, however accounts on Twitter and facebook (and now a TV program) have been set up which help to explain the inner thoughts, fears and problems of the average Brit. The media sites are named ‘So Very British’ (https://twitter.com/soverybritish) and offer translations and explanations of typical everyday utterances and looks deeply into the abyss of what makes the British tick (a lot of embarrassment, tea drinking and the weather). Here are some of our favourites:

 “It is not quite what I had in mind”  Translation: What the bloody hell is this? (available also as a t-shirt).
 “Honestly! Don’t worry about it”  Translation: What the hell have you done?

A typical British conversation:
Brit 1: Excuse me, sorry, can I just...
Brit 2: Yes, of course, sorry
Brit 1: Sorry, thanks
<both Brits somehow know what's happening>

The meanings of "all right"
1. Hello.
2. Everything okay?
3. OK. If you insist.
4. Let's get started.
5. Calm down.
6. Quiet now!

And regarding the weather, the things most said at a British BBQ (part 2)
1. I've just turned those!
2. I hope you like it well done.
3. Shame we can't eat outside.