Even if they do not all end up in the Oxford English Dictionary, HolderMorrin has put together a short overview of some new words that were voted best words of 2012.

The Oxford English Dictionary announced ‘Omnishambles’ as best word of 2012 in the UK (omni = all or every, shambles = a confusion or mess).  It is used to describe debacles occurring in politics or government organisations.

Other words on their list included; ‘Games Maker’ – someone who helped voluntarily at the Olympic Games, and ‘to medal’- a new verb meaning to win a medal at sports, ‘Nomophobia’ – the fear of being without your mobile phone and ‘Eurogeddon’ – the potential financial collapse of European Union countries who adopted the Euro.

In the top 10 of The Global Language Monitor is the acronym ‘MOOC’. This stands for ‘massive open online course’ which is an online class that allows students from anywhere to view lectures and receive instruction, usually for free. This educational tool may feature more and more as online education makes learning more accessible.