HolderMorrin UG makes wide use of electronic media in the courses it provides. Yet there are excellent reasons why, in this digital era, live in-house training remains a fundamental aspect of the courses taught by HolderMorrin.

Language learning is fostered and supported especially through communicative activities with other people. And live language training promotes social interactions far more than is the case with e-learning. In-house language courses are capable of providing a space within a company for colleagues who already know each other to come together in a newly created learning environment supportive of mutual motivation, beyond their everyday work situation.

For people who have to coordinate multiple areas, such as balancing family and work, a further learning benefit of live in-house training is that a suitable location and set times are provided where the learners cannot be disturbed. At the same time, the direct exchanges here on an expertise and indeed social level with other learners can prove to be both stimulating and enriching.

With its wide-ranging in-house training seminars and workshops, provided as group or one-to-one courses, HolderMorrin UG promotes methodical expertise and soft skills. And with the teaching material conveyed directly by the trainer, matched by the opportunity to ask questions and clarifications at all times, the content being learned can be specifically adjusted to the learners’ requirements, and thus a more long-term sustained impact is achieved.